Motorcycling is reviving Canada’s economy

by Sep 6, 2018

Motorcycling is reviving Canada’s economy

by Sep 6, 2018

Infographics show how motorcycling is an important economic engine in Canada

Motorcyclists are a powerful group! Motorcycling generated $2.68 billion in Canada in 2014. That’s ‘b’ for billion! Many different economic areas are impacted by motorcycling including tourism in local communities, purchasing and repairing motorcycles, insurance, and safety apparel.

Did you know MCC has created a series of infographics that examine the economic impact of motorcycling across Canada? These resources include a wealth of information about the overall economic impact from direct and indirect recreational motorcycling expenditures.

In 2014, MCC commissioned a socio-economic study to take a close look at the economic impact of both on-road and off-road motorcycling from a provincial and national level. In August 2015, Smith-Gunther completed their comprehensive report “Recreational Motorcycling in Canada and its Provinces – 2014-2040”.

Here are a few highlights:

  • There are over 700,000 motorcyclists across Canada
  • The majority of registered motorcyclists are located in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta
  • Canadians spend $702 million annually on on-road motorcycle equipment and parts
  • Canadians spend $110 million annually on off-road motorcycle safety gear
  • Motorcyclists raise $11.8 million annually for Canadian charities through locally organized fundraising events

The great thing about this report is it projects numbers over the next 20 years. The study forecasts that the annual direct and indirect economic impact of recreational motorcycling will climb to $4 billion annually by 2040!

We used stats from the report to create an interesting series of Motorcycling in Canada infographics. They include national and provincial highlights for both on-road and off-road motorcycling, which takes into account 2016 projections based on a widely accepted research methodology.

Anyone can use this data to help show how important the motorcycling industry is in Canada. Check them out. Share them with your friends and local motorcycling associations. Download the complete series from our resource library.

Learning more about the economic power of our industry confirmed that motorcycling is not only a fun and convenient form of recreational activity, it’s also big business in this country.

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