Stay physically active while enjoying the thrill of the ride

by Feb 5, 2018

Stay physically active while enjoying the thrill of the ride

by Feb 5, 2018

The health benefits of off-road motorcycling

It’s a goal we aspire to every year – to eat healthier and be more active. With a heightened awareness of the importance of improving our emotional, physical and mental health, people are looking for activities to improve their overall well-being.

Did you know riding a motorcycle has many health benefits?

Motorcycling has typically not been considered a “traditional” physical activity like running and swimming, but it does offer a fun way to be physically active, relieve stress, and improve your quality of life.

If you ride off-road motorcycles, you know how physically challenging the sport can be. It’s low impact, but because you are always moving, it requires balance and control to navigate the trails. Unlike passively driving a car, riding a motorcycle builds your core, strength, posture and stability.

A few years ago, there was a study offering scientific proof that off-road vehicle riding is a great physical fitness activity. The study “Fitness and Health Benefits of Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Riding” highlighted the physical health benefits of off-road motorcycling, including increased lean muscle mass, improved lower body endurance, and lower blood pressure.

Off-road motorcycling is a popular recreational pastime that can be shared with family and friends, further contributing to the overall health benefits of the sport. Enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air, beautiful natural areas and sense of community.

Experience life on two wheels

Turn off the TV, put down the screens, and pick up a new activity this season. Join the local off-road riding association in your area. Membership gives you access to trails, resources, maps, rides, and events, plus you can meet others who enjoy similar interests.

Take advantage of the health benefits of off-road motorcycling while enjoying the thrill of the ride!

Join an off-road riding association

British Columbia Off-Road Motorcycle Association

Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association

Ontario Federation of Trail Riders

Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route

Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association

New Brunswick Dirt Riders Association

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