A year of growth for MCC

by Dec 5, 2017

A year of growth for MCC

by Dec 5, 2017

Reflecting on the successes of 2017

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) held their Annual General Meeting on November 4, 2017, in Toronto, Ontario. Our organization meets all year long to plan, strategize and look for opportunities to represent motorcyclists at the national level.

It was a weekend of productive meetings where members identified and discussed motorcycling priorities. With representation from across the country, this is our one opportunity to get together face to face to discuss the past year and look ahead to the coming motorcycling season.

2017 Priorities

In 2017 the MCC made progress in three priority areas:

  1. Communications Plan: The MCC executed a comprehensive Communications Plan in 2017 to keep our members and the motorcycling community up to date on our activities. We are committed to engaging motorcyclists and the public on social media and to providing resources that support motorcycling and motorcycle safety in our communities. We also launched a new website, published a quarterly newsletter and monthly articles on our blog, reinforcing our mandate to be the voice of motorcycling in Canada.
  1. Motorcycling in Canada Socio-Economic Study: MCC commissioned the Recreational Motorcycling in Canada and its Provinces – 2014-2040 study to look at the economic impact of motorcycling across Canada. Statistical information collected looks at the current and projected impacts of Canadian and provincial recreational motorcycling and emphasizes that motorcycling is an important economic engine in Canada. The full report, summary report, briefing notes, and a comprehensive series of infographics (which include national and provincial highlights for both on-road and off-road motorcycling) are available on the MCC Resource section of our website in both English and French.
  2. National Safety Campaign: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This campaign began nationally four years ago and continues to evolve. In 2017 MP David Sweet officially declared May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in the House of Commons. This past year we established a Motorcycle Safety Pledge to encourage everyone to put safety first. The Motorcycle Safety Pledge is a promise you make to yourself, friends, and loved ones to help support motorcycle safety. It includes simple things you can do to help promote safety among all road and trail users across Canada. Our national safety campaign achieved media coverage in national magazines, newspapers, and online publications; but most importantly it brought together motorcyclists and the community to support motorcycle safety across the country.

2018 Priorities

Looking ahead to next year, the MCC board has identified four priorities for 2018:

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Incorporate advocacy into all priorities
  3. National safety and awareness campaign
  4. Build and strengthen stakeholder relationships

MCC Leadership Team

We wish to thank all board members that have served MCC and continue to dedicate their time and energy in supporting these important initiatives at a national level.

Announcing the 2018 Executive

  • Dave Millier, Chair
  • Grant Lingley, Vice-Chair
  • Paul McGeachie, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kellee Irwin, Past Chair

We are very appreciative of the service from the following members that are moving on and will no longer be serving on an MCC council:

We welcome new members to our team:

We are excited to begin working on initiatives that will make a difference for motorcyclists across the country, emphasize the importance of motorcycle safety, and continue to be the voice of motorcycling in Canada.

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