Raising money for charities, one ride at a time

by Sep 5, 2017

Raising money for charities, one ride at a time

by Sep 5, 2017

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Motorcyclists supporting communities across Canada

From coast to coast motorcyclists are dedicating their time, organizing events, bringing people together, and raising funds for many different charitable organizations across Canada. They enjoy the day riding together, exploring new roads and sharing a common passion.


Volunteer time, hard work and dedication goes into each charity ride event to support those in need. Motorcyclists are a generous group and it’s incredible to see how small donations add up and can make a significant impact. According to MCC’s recent Motorcycling in Canada report, motorcyclists are really making a difference in their communities. Annual charitable donations in 2014 were $13.2 million in time, effort, and money.*


Here are a few of the charity rides across Canada that have benefited from the generous contributions of motorcyclists:


Breast Cancer Pledge Ride

​In 2016, over 525 motorcycles and volunteers raised $106,475. In 13 years the Manitoba motorcycling community has raised over $750,000 to fight breast cancer in Manitoba.


ECL Choppers Ride for Charity

Over 50 riders and their passengers presented a $155,000 cheque to the Rotary Flames House, Alberta’s first pediatric hospice that provides children with serious illnesses palliative or respite care. The group has raised more than $2.5 million for the Alberta Children’s Hospital since its inception in 1997.


Ride for Sick Kids

In 2016, the Ride for Sick Kids raised more than $55,000. In eight years, over $285,000 has been donated to the Hospital for Sick Children.


Ride for Sight: Motorcyclists Fighting Blindness

Over the past 38 years, Ride for Sight has raised over $20 million in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB). They run events in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Newfoundland.


Shediac Motorcycle Rally

In 2016, the Shediac Motorcycle Rally donated $21,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. This is the oldest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada and they have raised over $141,000 for sick children.


TELUS Ride for Dad

Since 2000, the TELUS Ride for Dad has donated more than $25 million to the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation.


The Magic of Christmas Motorcycle Toy Run

Since 2014, the Magic of Christmas Motorcycle Toy Run has provided over 20,000 toys and just over $117,000 to over 1,050 families in need at Christmas time. This is due to the generosity of over 1,500 motorcyclists and 600 passengers.


Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live

In 2017, 863 riders in Vancouver, Chilliwack and Victoria raised a total of $194,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation BC. Between 2010-2016, Ride to Live has raised over $1 million for prostate cancer.



*Based on the Recreational Motorcycling in Canada and its Provinces – 2014-2040 report prepared for the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada by Smith Gunther Associates Ltd. in August 2015.


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