Five ways to support motorcycle safety in your community

by Apr 3, 2017

Five ways to support motorcycle safety in your community

by Apr 3, 2017

 Everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety. Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, chances are you know someone that does. That’s why at the MCC we believe motorcycle safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Behind the helmet, motorcyclists are mothers, fathers, children, and friends. Please help others think about motorcycles this riding season. Increased visibility and awareness will improve the chance of motorcyclists being seen on the roads and trails this year.

Did you know May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

Warmer spring weather signals the start of the motorcycle season where motorcyclists are eager to get back on the roads and trails. At the MCC our long-term goal is to make Canada the safest place to ride a motorcycle.

You can make a difference to help improve motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety is everyone’s responsibility. Help spread the word and encourage others to be aware of motorcycles on the road. Encourage your friends and family to be safe when they are riding, driving, and heading out on the trails.

Here are five ways to help support motorcycle safety:

1. Take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge

We’re encouraging riders, passengers, motorists, and loved ones to take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge. This is a promise to yourself and others to put safety first. Join the many Canadians that support motorcycle safety by taking the #MotorcycleSafetyPledge at

Then share your pledge with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

2. Download and share our safety toolkit

We have put together a toolkit of resources – posters, logos, social media graphics, and tips on how to host a motorcycle safety event. Visit the resource section of our website for all the details.

3. Attend a motorcycle safety event in your area

Attend a motorcycle ride in your community, add a safety component to an existing event, or create your own event. Find out what events are happening across Canada, and access event planning tips and resources by visiting If you’re planning a motorcycle safety event this season, let us know. We’ll post it on our events calendar and share it on our social media channels.

4. Follow these safety tips

Read up on some important safety reminders and suggestions. Here are a few tips, for more, visit the resource section at

Safety tips for off-road riders

  • Make a plan, share the plan: Before you ride make a plan that includes where you are going and when you expect to return then make sure your family and friends are aware of your plan in case they need to come looking for you. Bring your mobile phone.
  • Ride with a buddy: In the event of a crash or breakdown having someone with you to provide assistance could make the difference between life and death.

Safety tips for on-road riders

  • Ride sober. Impaired driving kills. Period. As with so many other forms of driving, drugs and alcohol severely impair judgement and reaction time leading to serious injury and death.
  • Watch your speed. Speed kills: Yes, motorcycles are fast but that does not give you permission to disregard speed limits or to overlook their responsibility to ride according to traffic, weather conditions or your ability.

Safety tips for motorists

  • Be alert: Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see than other vehicles you share the road with.
  • Check your blind spots: It’s hard enough to see cars and other vehicles when looking in your mirrors, always shoulder check before making a turn or changing lanes.

5. Keep up to date on the latest news

 Explore our new website at Here you can take the Motorcycle Safety Pledge and uncover helpful resources. Find out what’s happening at the MCC by signing up for our newsletter, and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for interesting articles, news and tips.


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