The evolving face of motorcycling in Canada

by Mar 6, 2017

The evolving face of motorcycling in Canada

by Mar 6, 2017

Women Riders Council celebrating 10 years in 2017

For women motorcyclists, riding is freedom. Often an activity they may not have thought of doing, riding a motorcycle allows women to challenge themselves, gain skills and build self-confidence. Riding is also a social activity for women. It’s a way to build community and camaraderie by bringing people together to experience the joy of riding.

Over the past 15 years, there has been a shift in the motorcycling community. More women are participating in motorcycling, and more are buying and riding their own motorcycles. Women currently comprise between 18 and 20 percent of new motorcycle sales in Canada. Many women are also involved in motorcycle racing, including on-track, off-road and drag racing.

Women Riders Council Established in 2007

With increased interest in the sport, MCC set up the Women Riders Council (WRC) to look specifically at the needs and issues of this emerging demographic.

In 2007, WRC members from across Canada came together to look for ways to help improve the riding experience for women. They also established a mandate to promote and celebrate women motorcycle riders in Canada. Over the years, they have dealt with some challenging issues, like dispelling stereotypes, availability of properly fitting clothing and safety gear, and affordable skills training – things that would be a barrier to women interested in entering the sport. The WRC also offers opportunities for women to get together and discuss issues that affect them, plus offered webinars and two National Women Riders Conferences with training and safety seminars, and resources.

Enhanced Rider Safety

Women riders are eager to learn and want to be safe on a motorcycle. Because they value safety, they are also strong advocates of using full safety gear and believe in getting extra skills training and attending educational seminars.

Celebrating Inspirational Women Motorcyclists

The WRC promotes and celebrates the achievements of women riders from Canada and around the world. One inspirational woman motorcycle pioneer was Audrey Alexandre. In 2008 she was the first woman to be inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. In fact, Audrey was the first Canadian member of Motor Maids, the oldest female motorcycle-riding organization in North America.

Upcoming Women’s Events

Support women motorcyclists in your community! Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

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