Take the Motorcycle Commuter Challenge

by Jun 7, 2017

Take the Motorcycle Commuter Challenge

by Jun 7, 2017

Ride Your Motorcycle to Work

Summer is finally here again across the country, and it’s a great time of year to take your motorcycle out for a ride. But motorcycles are for more than just pleasure rides. They are a great alternative to driving a car.

Their smaller size means better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and as an added bonus, their compact size fits easily into tight parking spots.

Do you ride your motorcycle to commute to work? As a greener alternative to standard vehicles, motorcycles have less of an impact on roads due to their light size and they require fewer resources to manufacture than cars.

With Ride to Work Day and the Commuter Challenge this month, there is a focus on taking healthy, active modes of transportation.

Did you know motorcycling is a healthy, low-impact physical sport that engages many muscles in the body which help control and steer a motorcycle? Riding a motorcycle is also great for the mind, as it requires concentration and attention to what’s happening around you.

On June 19, we hope to see you out on the roads for Ride to Work Day. Travel safely and be sure to wear proper riding gear. Let’s remind motorists that motorcycles are back on the road, and let’s show commuters that riding a motorcycle is a fun way to travel to work. If you have to commute to work, you might as well enjoy the ride!

About Ride to Work Day

Ride to Work is a non-profit organization, advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and providing information about everyday utility riding to the public. They promote Ride to Work Day on the third Monday in June.

This year Ride to Work Day is on Monday, June 19, 2017.

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